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Southwest Florida Weed Control

Weeds or other unwanted plants use water. Removing them means more water for the plants you actually want in your landscape. Weed growth of both native and exotic vegetation can severely decrease the commercial, recreational and aesthetic value of crops, landscapes and waterways.

In certain situations some degree of weed growth may be desirable. Control measures are needed only when an overabundance of weed growth begins to affect economic use. Our environment is a complex and dynamic system that is subject to a myriad of pressures. This is particularly true of Florida which has undergone tremendous demographic growth in the last decade. With the continuously increasing demand for Florida's resources, it is essential that they be managed in the most prudent fashion. Because of Florida's geographical setting and meteorological conditions, much of the state supports an extensive growth of weeds, many of which are not found in other parts of the United States.


Herbicides are often used for weed control. However, it must be noted that some herbicides are harmful. Most herbicides have DANGER signal words on the label and must be handled with great care. Therefore, it is important that all herbicides be handled carefully and in a manner consistent with their labeling.