Shrubs & Ornamentals

Shrubs are an important part of landscaping, & there are thousands to choose from. Knowing the basic characteristics of each will help create a well-designed landscape that can be functional as well as attractive.

Arboricola Capella Arboricola Capella Arboricola Green Arboricola Green Arboricola Trinette Arboricola Trinette
Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise Cordyline Cordyline Croton (Gold Dust) Croton (Gold Dust)
Croton (Mammy) Croton (Mammy) Croton (Petra) Croton (Petra) Duranta (Gold Mound) Duranta (Gold Mound)
Eugenia Eugenia Green Island Ficus Green Island Ficus Ficus Benjamina Ficus Benjamina
Dwarf Firebush Dwarf Firebush Variegated Ginger Variegated Ginger Hibiscus - Double Peach Hibiscus - Double Peach
Hibiscus - Double Red Hibiscus - Double Red Hibiscus - Seminole Pink Hibiscus - Seminole Pink Hibiscus - President Red Hibiscus - President Red
Hibiscus - Yellow Hibiscus - Yellow