Planting a tree in your Florida yard not only adds beauty but can be functional as well. Trees add to the layered canopy and create shade cover in this hot, tropical region.

Bottlebrush Bottlebrush Black Olive Black Olive Brazilian Beautyleaf Brazilian Beautyleaf
Green Buttonwood Green Buttonwood Cassia Tree Cassia Tree Dahoon Holly Dahoon Holly
Strawberry Cattley Guava Strawberry Cattley Guava Hong Kong Orchid Hong Kong Orchid Jacaranda Jacaranda
Ligustrum Ligustrum Live Oak Live Oak Magnolia, DD Blanchard Magnolia, DD Blanchard
Little Gem Magnolia Little Gem Magnolia Mahogany Tree Mahogany Tree Orange Geiger Orange Geiger
Royal Poinciana Royal Poinciana Slash Pine Slash Pine Tabebuia Silver Trumpet Tabebuia Silver Trumpet
Purple Trumpet Tree Purple Trumpet Tree Pink Trumpet Tree Pink Trumpet Tree