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landscaper tree delivery and spotting

Delivery & Tree Spotting

Let us do the trucking so you can keep your crews working. We understand that your time is money! We can deliver all plants and products quickly. Affordable delivery fees for Collier and Lee counties. All ordered materials will be placed in your predetermined location as instructed. Most deliveries can be made within 1 day for stocked materials.

Available for Delivery:

Large Tree Spotting Services

Landscaper's Choice can provide spotting of large palms and other plant materials purchased from our nursery for a minimal fee. This service is especially helpful for larger plant material like trees & palms that are difficult to transport without the use of specialized equipment.

Spotting consists of our crew coming to your job site & placing your purchased plant material in a provided hole. You must dig the hole before we arrive. Once the tree or plant is placed "spotted" then your crew can cover the hole with your remaining soil, water as needed. Lastly, you must brace the tree or large plant if necessary.