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Landscaper's Choice is a leader in the mulch industry. We stock thousands of bags of mulch, in a variety of colors, as well as pine straw. We offer volume discounts and deliver to Marco Island, Naples and Bonita Springs regularly.  Seasonal pricing, delivery and spotting of pallets available. View our mulch selections listed below.

Benefits of Mulch for Your Florida Plants

Mulching is one of the most beneficial landscape practices. Mulches conserve moisture by preventing evaporation water loss from the soil surface and reducing the need for supplemental irrigation during periods of limited rainfall. By maintaining an even moisture supply in the soil, mulches prevent fluctuations in soil moisture that can damage roots. Mulches also prevent crusting of the soil surface and allow water to penetrate readily to plant roots. They insulate the roots of plants from summer heat and winter cold and help control weeds that compete with plants for moisture. By serving as a barrier between the plant and soil, mulches help discourage soil-borne diseases that stress plants and cause them to have a higher demand for water. Islands of mulch beds designed to blend with the landscape are an economical way to retrofit an existing landscape by reducing water needs and maintenance requirements. Aside from occasional weed control and topdressing with additional mulch, un-planted mulched areas require no water and little routine maintenance.

Apply approximately 3 inches of mulch under ornamental plants in the landscape. Avoid applying too much mulch because it encourages shallow roots that are easily damaged by excessive cold, heat or drought. Where possible, extend the mulched area two to three times beyond the canopy spread of ornamental trees and shrubs. Research shows that the roots of ornamental plants grow far beyond the canopy spread, so it is important to mulch as large an area as practical. Once mulch is in place, use your hand to pull it back 2 to 3 inches away from the trunk of trees and shrubs. Keeping mulch away from the trunk will help prevent wood rotting diseases. During periods of limited rainfall, make certain sufficient mulch is maintained beneath plants. If watering restrictions prevent you from irrigating, mulches will help conserve the soil's remaining moisture. Newspapers placed under organic mulches improve water conservation in the soil and provide effective recycling. Place them on the soil surface under organic mulch at planting time.